Samba Trombada is a community drumming group based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Formerly known as King Parrot Samba, Samba Trombada was established in 2007 by Javier Rodriguez

The group specialises in carnival drumming, SAMBA, which is played in Rio De Janiero across many neighborhoods and towns. Each neighborhood has one or more ‘samba schools’ at which locals go to learn to drum,dance sing and socialise.

Samba Trombada embraces the percussive aspect of Brazilian community drumming, collaborating with like minded Brazilian dancers and performers across Sydney.


Co-Director & Teacher Richie Glasgow has been teaching and performing since 2000. He also runs Western Sydney Samba school.
Director & Teacher Javier Rodriguez from Uruguay has over 15 years experience in performing and teaching.


Samba Trombada has weekly classes open to all levels of skill and knowledge. Classes are held weekly in Hazlebrook on Monday nights during school term. All drums provided free of charge.